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Music Cities Network Communication

At Mediora, we had the privilege of collaborating with Music Cities Network (MCN), a transformative non-profit association uniting music cities and policymakers worldwide.

Our partnership began by building a comprehensive Music Cities Network communication strategy that encompassed social media, website, and online marketing. Our goal was to inspire cities and individuals to join the MCN network through impactful storytelling and clear, accessible messaging.

With a deep understanding of MCN's mission, we crafted messages and engaging visuals that authentically represented their brand, ensuring the highest quality in every aspect.

As part of our subscription package, we went the extra mile by visiting MCN's member cities to capture stunning pictures and videos during their projects. We also managed their social media platforms, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the organization.

One memorable experience was our involvement in the Link-up Euro Connection, where we traveled to Aarhus and Berlin in 2022. There, we documented co-creation camps and performances at the SPOT and Feta de la Musique festivals. Witnessing such remarkable talent collaborating to create something new was truly inspiring.

Our collaboration with MCN extended further into 2023, as we developed and launched a brand-new website that effectively showcased their values, mission, and activities. We continue to provide ongoing development and maintenance support.

Our timing aligned perfectly with the launch of MCN's second volume project, the European Music Business Task Force (EMBTF). As their open call was featured on the website, we ensured social media leads directed interested parties to it. Additionally, we played a key role in developing the communication and dissemination strategy for the project, as well as creating the branding book.

To further support MCN's digital communication efforts, we will travel to festivals such as SPOT in Aarhus, Denmark in May 2023, Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany in September 2023, and Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavik, Iceland in November 2023.

Explore some of our remarkable work below and learn more about the Music Cities Network.

At Mediora, we take pride in our collaborations with organizations like MCN, ensuring their vision reaches new heights through powerful communication strategies and stunning visuals.

LEC x Aarhus - SPOT festival 04-08 May 2022

LEC x Berlin - Feta de la Musique 18-21 June 2022


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